Item # 1057

AMAC ergonomic horseshoe by the makers of the M&M    Item #1057

The goal was to design a horseshoe to fit the ever-complicated shape of the human hand while engaged in act of pitching a horseshoe. The result is the A-Mac horseshoe the World's first ergonomic horseshoe. This pitching horseshoe fits your hand like no other horseshoe on the market. By modifying the horizontal plane of the standard horseshoe and adding revolutionary trapezoidal shaped blades they found that a player can rest their thumb comfortably on top of the blade and the fingers wrap naturally around the underside. The resultant lower cg (center of gravity) of the A-Mac along with the ergonomics reduces the strain put on the fingers & thumb while gripping the horseshoe.

For the Turn pitcher the unique special modified blades match more closely the trajectory angle of a horseshoe as it leaves a pitchers hand. When it comes time to release the A-Mac, it is as smooth as it gets. Finger drag during the release has virtually been eliminated, allowing for the first ever real grip it and rip it horseshoe.

For the flippers out there their ergonomics work for you to. The horseshoe fits your hand nicely, and they took the liberty of removing the top lug. Even without the lug (the heal calk) of the horseshoe sits up nicely with the help of special contoured blades. The A-MAC is center balanced just like its big brother the M&M Special which has won multiple World titles flipping and turning so there is little doubt about the A-Mac's ability to land open time after time no matter whether you chose to flip the A-Mac or turn the A-Mac.