Item # M-Arrow


The M&M ARROW features the same body shape as the M&M Special but with a few exceptions the ringer breaker has been removed and the toe caulks are now on both sides of the horseshoe. We know some flippers want to pitch with the thumb lug up and some want it down. Here is a horseshoe that works & feels great either way. A very appealing feature on the M&M Arrow for FLIP style pitchers is with the removal of the ringer breaker your hand will fit /wedge itself in between the special angled sides making it the perfect grip locator. No need to rely on a thumb locator on this horseshoe. For the turn pitchers it still has that classic M&M feel, making it the premier horseshoe of choice for those who pitch allot of doubles where one pitcher turns and one person flips. The M&M Arrow is the best Flip style horseshoe that can still impress as a turn shoe.