Snyder Flip-Grip

Note: Actual shoes will vary in color from the photos (Shoes are one solid color-- current colors are blue & red)

Item # 33-333


Dead Soft Rating

Flip Shoe

The almost instant success of the diamond-shaped, waffle-like grip on the new Alan Francis All-On horseshoe immediately spurred requests for the same thing on a flip shoe. So the call answered was with this shoe... the Snyder Flip-Grip!

As you can see from the photos, this shoe has the body of the Snyder E-Z Flip II with a couple enhancements... The thumb cleat is all new... Thoroughbred had many requests for a Snyder shoe with the centering style cleat featured on the Glory, Mustang, Stinger and Legacy... So here it is! Beyond that, as previously stated, we added the same gripping surface that's on the new All-On shoe, making this the first flip shoe ever to have a textured gripping area and boy does it work good!

In dry conditions, clay or dirt wipes out of the grooves quickly and with little effort. In wet and sloppy conditions, you can actually just pick this shoe up and throw it and not lose your grip... if it's really messy, one quick wipe with a rag to dry the shoe is all you need to throw it... Bottom line, there's little down-time fussing with your shoes between pitches, so if you're one that likes to keep the pace moving in a game, this is the shoe for you!

When pitching this shoe, the tips are weighted so heavily, that it should feel like it is pulling out of your hand and beginning its flip before you let it go-- It should practically flip by itself with almost no effort.

This shoe features a squarer shape instead of a curve, allowing for a wider gripping area. This gives the pitcher more room to adjust their grip, like turn throwers have along the blade of the shoe-- a unique advancement in flip shoe design.

The edges of each shoe are smooth and nicely rounded, allowing the shoe to "pull" out of your hand with ease. This also helps reduce fatigue and blistering, which is common when using sharper edged shoes.