All horseshoes come with a one year warranty unless otherwise specified.

All warranties are extended solely by the Manufacturer.

The Manufacturer will request horseshoes to be returned in original packaging at purchaser's expense, with proof of purchase, within the warranty time frame.

NOTE: We sell some horseshoes that are manufactured in Canada.

The following horseshoes apply to international shipping charges on returns for warranty issues.

Can-Am, Canuck, Condor, D-Slim, Elmer Hohl, Flipper, Gallina, Kodiak,

Pro-Star, Simmons XL, The Dean, TNT, Tee Gees, VIP, and Yankee.

All other horseshoes on our website are made in the U.S.A..

Domestic shipping charges will apply on returns for warranty issues.

Warranty information is provided by the Manufacturer with your horseshoe purchase. If you did not receive the manufacturer's warranty information with your purchase, please feel free to contact Ron or Polly. We will be happy to provide you with the manufacturer contact information you will need for warranty issues.