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M&M Flip

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The M&M Flip Horseshoe, It features many of the design features which have made the M&M Special one of the best selling pitching horseshoes of all time and combined them with modern flip technology to create a super horseshoe the M&M Flip. The balance of the M&M Flip is similar to our original M&M Special. The M&M Flip features the standard M&M Special hooks with a slight modification in the opening area to give it some of the largest hooks ever seen on a pitching horseshoe. Bigger hooks for more grabbing action and less bounce-offs. The thumb lug or flip lug is moved to the top side of the horseshoe. This allows the flip pitcher to keep the front lugs down for better sliding into the stake, yes the unique angles featured in this horseshoes allow them to slide (surf) better over the sand for maximum results if thrown lugs down. Something M&M Horseshoes Company products have been known for since the original M&M Special. To pitch ringer after ringer you need to be able to grip the horseshoe the same every time. To help you with this the M&M Flip features a small thumb locator. The M&M Flip is sanctioned for play by the NHPA the governing body for horseshoes.

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