Pro Pick 20 inch horseshoe pick up hook


Pro Pick 20 inch
horseshoe pick up hook

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By preventing horseshoe players from having to bend or worse, kneel on the ground every time they pick up their horseshoes during play, the Pro-Pick Horseshoe Pick-up Hook is a necessity in league and tournament competitions when pitching hundreds of shoes over a period of hours. It saves the player from a ton of back and joint pain! It’s 20-inch length is exactly what you need to keep from bending or stooping all the way down to the ground. Using the Pro-Pick, a player can now grab their shoes from an almost upright position, saving time and greatly reducing fatigue at the same time. If pitching in soft clay, it can easily pull up a stubborn horseshoe that’s dug down deep into the clay in one tug. The Pro-Pick has a solid quarter-inch round stainless steel shaft that is embedded into the full length of its plastic/rubber handle using a quick set catalyzed epoxy resin. Its newly designed handle has a solid plastic core encased in a soft rubber ergonomic grip… a great improvement over the typical solid wood handle used on most pick-up hooks. It’s simple design is both efficient and effective, making it probably the best horseshoe pick-up hook on the market! It’s made in America by us here at Thoroughbred Horseshoes. Usage tip… Many players grab their horseshoes two at a time with their pick-up hooks but that puts unnecessary stress on the union between the handle and the shaft. You can greatly extend the life of your Pro-Pick by picking up your horseshoes one at a time and that’s what we recommend.

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